About Jonathan

History of his Disability

Our son, Jonathan, a twin, was born at 33 weeks. Complications during pregnancy and his early birth left him with some mild issues that we anticipated he would eventually outgrow; however, a devastating illness at 10-1/2 months combined with his already-fragile state left him categorized as profoundly disabled with little hope of developing beyond the capabilities of an 18-month-old.

Thankfully, the doctors were wrong! This kid doesn't give up! He has persisted through 40+ therapies and continues to surprise his doctors, therapists, and friends.

What an inspiration and joy he is!

Update for 2017

​Jonathan has had another great year. What an understatement!

We feared he would undergo another valley as he so often experiences, but thankfully, that did not happen. He continues to develop - daily at this point. We have dreamed and prayed and wept for the arrival of such a time and now it is here. Most days I cannot believe this is really happening for him and us.

Progress started slowly after his 8-day intensive intervention last year. In fact, it felt as though we were running in place for a few months. Then, we added cranial sacral therapy 3x a week. (Diana got trained at Upledger Institute.) It provided a force behind the rest of his daily regimen. He still does his reflex integration work and is in the beginning of listening therapy.

What are we seeing? Greater coordination, more awareness, ability to learn and retain information, a flowering curiosity.

This has been a year for many firsts. Jonathan drove a go-kart independently for the first time. He created his own recipe for French toast, and it is delicious! He still cannot read, so he has to sniff spices to choose what he wants.

He hit a pitched ball in unified softball. He is choosing the correct feet for his shoes nearly all the time. He can almost bathe himself independently. He started his own poop-scoop business. He is starting to catch small balls without trapping them against his body. He wants me to read, read, read to him - 45 minutes to an hour every day. He can stack cups (cup stacking game). He catches on to jokes. He is learning to hand sew and wants to learn wood-working and whittling.

He and I have never worked so hard in our lives or had so much fun. He is always shocked when he tries something and can suddenly do it. When that happens, I can count on a big, "Y-E-S!!!" He's dying to read, but isn't quite "there" yet. What a joyful year it has been.

He is still waiting for more acquisition of speech. We are hopeful that listening therapy will pull his speech forward.

As I write this, I see your faces. I hear your kind words of encouragements and think of the times your prayers carried us through dark days. You are so special to us!

Ever grateful,

The Tillmans
For more information please email us at: thecoloradopeach@gmail.com , or call or text Diana Tillman at 970-308-6283, or Bryan Tillman at 970-599-8528.
Jonathan loves playing football with his teammates at Fossil Ridge. He actually ran the ball a few times this year!
-- Great Peaches at a Great Price for a Great Kid! --