This is a photo of some peaches from Wag's World Orchard in Eckert. They look absolutely delicious! Looking forward to tasting them soon!
You can never eat just one Colorado peach...

Our conventional peaches will come from Wag's World Orchards in Eckert, Colorado, where the peaches are handpicked directly into your boxes and will be picked within 24 hours of our arrival. Most of the peaches will be ready to eat or process within two to four days, but a few peaches in each box should be ready to eat when you pick them up!* This year our conventional peaches will come in 25 pound boxes rather than the 20 pounds we sold last year.

Our organic peaches will come from First Fruits Orchards, who also handpicks their peaches within 24 hours of when we pick them up. These peaches called "ripes" are a grade above seconds. They will be ready to be worked soon and some might be misshapen.

We will pick up the peaches Saturday afternoon and deliver them to you Sunday! Talk about fresh!

*Growing conditions such as a sudden cold or heat snap may result in variations in anticipated ripening times.
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For more information please email us at:, call or text Diana Tillman at 970-308-6283, or Bryan Tillman at 970-599-8528.